OpenFiler iSCSI SAN Network changes

So I have been playing with ESX 4.0 and am using Openfiler for it’s SAN. Best part is, it’s free and it is very simple to setup.

There are a few things here and there that need some work but you can find a work around for it most of the time.

Well I installed the OpenFiler from scratch and set it up with DHCP, this because I was not sure about the IP-address schema I wanted to use and it is just easier. When I was ready to set up the IP I ran into some issues, I could not change it from DHCP to Static.  Seems to be bug in OpenFiler.

Here is now to fix it:

edit:  /opt/openfiler/var/www/includes/

Search for and modify command "sudo /bin/grep \"eth\" /var/log/dmesg"  with the command "sudo ifconfig -a | grep ‘eth’"

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One comment on “OpenFiler iSCSI SAN Network changes
  1. Fred says:

    Just remove the NIC from VMworkstation config page ad re-add. Then restart the VM and it is fixed.

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