Thank you for visiting my blog. It is great to see you here.

I have been in the industry for 18 years now. Traveled a large portion of the world and met many people. I have done a lot of interesting things and a lot of cutting edge things in my career.

Technology is my passion and I enjoy working with it everyday. I love meeting new people, and hearing their stories. I take every change to learn something new, and share that knowledge.

If you want to know more about what I have been doing, feel free to take a look at my connect on LinkedIn.

-A life without chaos is plain boring

One comment on “About
  1. John Balsillie says:

    Hi Fred,

    I have been referring to you article “SRM 5 vSphere Replication – how to install and configure” but am still having difficulties in successfully configuring a VRMS. I am getting the dreaded “Error applying startup configuration. Please check the provided DB information.” message. I would like to ask you for some tips. Would you be kind enough to share your email address with me?

    Thanks Fred,
    John Balsillie
    Brisbane Australia

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